how to the process occurrence of rainbow??

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how to the process occurrence of rainbow??


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     In this occasion, we will learn how the rainbow is created. The rainbow is a large bowl of a spectrum which occurs because of the refraction of the sun light by the grain of the water. The rainbow is a symptom of optical and meteorology in the form of parallel varied colour light which that look in the sky or other medium. In the sky, the rainbow appears to be a bow light with the ends leading to the horizon at light rain. The rainbow can also be seen in the vicinity of a strong waterfall.

     This phenomenon usually occurs when the air is very hot at a drizzle. We can see this phenomenon clearly, if we stand on the back of the sun light. The rainbow could also be formed by cloudy or dewy air.

     The process of colour parsing of the rainbow occurs when the white sun light flowing into colour spectrum by the rain. The colour spectrum consists of a red, orange, the yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet colour.

     The light of the sun is polychromatic light (consisting of many colours).The colour of white light of the sun actually is a combination of various lights with different long wave. The human’s eye can perceive at least seven colours which conceived the sun light, that will be looked at the rainbow: red, the orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.

     The length of this light wave forms parallel line ribbon. This ribbon is called a spectrum. In the spectrum, the red line will always be on one side and blue and purple on the other side and this is determined by a difference of the wave length.

     The rainbow is refraction of the sun light by water. When the light of the sun goes through droplets of water, it refracts through a glass prism. Thus, in droplets of water, we have different colours extend from one side to the other water droplets. Some of coloured light is then reflected in the far side of the droplets of water, it is back and out again from droplets of water.

     Light is out from the water drops to different directions, depends on the length of the wave. The difference in this wavelength will bring out the colours of the rainbow that composed by red at the top and purple at the bottom of the rainbow.

     The rainbow can only be seen when rain comes along with the shining sun, but from the opposite side of the observer. The position of the observer must be in between the sun and droplets of water with the sun that is behind the person .The sun, the eyes of the observer and the centre of the rainbow should be in one straight line. Interesting right?







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