What is the Dangerous of Junk Food??

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The Dangerous of Junk Food


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     In this occasion, we will talk about Junk Food. Junk Food is cheap food containing high levels of calories from sugar or fat with little fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals. There are many kinds of junk food such as Burger and French Fries.

     Burgers and French Fries are delicious. Its scent can make your saliva dripping. Then, occasionally enjoying junk food is no problem. It will be a problem if you make this junk food as your daily food.

     According to Jim White, the owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition studios in Virginia beach, VA, food such as carbohydrates from powdery starch, packaged cookies, potato chips, sweet carbonated drink, and burger and fries, not only add a layer of fat in the body, but also it can cause physical disorders that make you feel uncomfortable.

     Consuming too much junk food can cause several impacts to your body. First, your skin can be wrinkles before its time. The adverse effect of eating junk food is not only overweight, but also on skin. Sugar, Trans fats, and flour, can cause the insulin jump up and stimulate an inflammatory. Chemical reaction occurs when sugar molecules strike protein or saturated fat accelerates the aging process by deactivating antioxidant in the body. You also be susceptible to damage due to exposure to the rays of the sun and make the skin wrinkles faster.

     The second impact is constipation. Fresh bread, rice, and other products which are made of the base of powdery starch and have low fiber, can cause constipation. In fact, fibre has function to move everything through the body. If you have dehydration, the condition of constipation will be more severe. It will be worse if you drink soda.

     The third is heartburn. Consuming too much junk food can trigger stomach acid disorders. Foods that contain high saturated fat take longer time to digest. When the burger or French fries that you enjoy overnight haven’t been completely digested in the morning, the excess stomach acid can be pushed up into the esophagus when it comes to the next time to eat. Therefore, you feel nausea and heartburn.

     The fourth is worsening the PMS (Pre Menstruation Syndrome) symptoms. Food is not actually led to the appearance of premenstrual syndrome symptoms. There are other sources that make it even worse, for example, sugar and starch that causes insulin up and down rapidly. This will affect chemical compounds in the brain and can aggravate the mood swing that you feel.

     The fifth is headache. Have you ever experienced headaches after successive consuming fatty food? The pain is caused by tyramine, a chemical compound that is formed in the breakdown of a specific protein in food dye and nitrate. Experts say these materials can improve blood flow to the brain, then it causes changes in blood vessels that inflict pain. Because of that, you should carefully observe more the food you eat. Stay away from foods that have unnatural colour.

     The sixth is bloat. Various processed foods that are used for junk foods contain high levels of sodium. Sodium is the cause of flatulence because the sodium set the number of blood and blood vessels to bind water. High intake of sodium will draw water from your body cells and cause a body hold more liquid as compensation. Drinking diet soda will make your condition is getting worse, because the bubble and the artificial sweetener can trigger bloat.

     Those are several impacts of too much consuming junk food. The impacts can affect our body’s health. Consuming too much junk food is not good so you must be careful.




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