The Benefits of Exercise for Your Body

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  The Benefits of Exercise for Your Body


     Good Day Readers!

     Our body needs so many energies to support our daily activities. Those energies are produced from the combustion process or metabolism in our body. Therefore, we need regular exercise to speed up the process of formation energy. In addition to producing energy, Exercising also has so many good benefits for our body. Here are the advantages of exercise for our bodies.

  • Losing weight           

     For people who are obesity, exercise is one of powerful way to lose their weight. However workouts with enough portions and do not too excessive. Regular exercise will burn fats in our body and converts it into energy so that their body will be slimmer.

  • Keeping body stay fit

     Exercise at least 2 times a week will make our bodies stay fit and fresh. This is because our body will put out sweat and hormone-hormone that is important during exercise.

  • Decreasing cholesterol levels

     Sports will optimize the performance of our heart. The heart will pump blood more quickly than usual. If the blood flows smoothly in our body, it will decrease the cholesterol levels which contains in the blood so that we are protected from diseases such as coronary heart or stroke.

  • Making Proportional body

     Exercise can make up our bodies become proportional. Some sports such as weightlifting push-ups, sit ups and push-ups will establish and increase muscle’s mass so that makes our body becomes more proportional with big muscles.

  • Strengthening heart

     Heart is a vital organ of our body. Exercising regularly will strengthen our heart’s muscle. Nevertheless, for cancer patients are recommended to exercise with small portion and do not too heavy because it would be dangerous to the health of their heart. It is better to check the health of your heart before exercising because many people suddenly died during or after exercise due to a heart attack.

  • Protecting the body from disease

      By exercising regularly we will avoid dangerous diseases such as obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and many more which are caused by lack of exercise.

     In short, Exercising has so many advantages for our bodies. Regular exercise can lose weight, make the body stay fit, lower cholesterol levels, form body muscle, strengthen the heart and free from disease. Have you exercise regularly? If not, let us start from now because health is very expensive.



Rasullulah SAW bersabda : “ Jika manusia telah meninggal maka putuslah amalnya kecuali tiga macam : Sedekah jariyah(yang tahan lama), Ilmu yang bermanfaat, dan anak shaleh (anak baik) yang mendoakan kedua orang tuanya. (HR.Muslim)